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Periodontal treatment refers to the care given to treat gum and supporting structure issues around the teeth. It involves procedures like deep cleaning to remove plaque and tartar, medications to control infection, and, in severe cases, surgery to repair damaged tissues. Ongoing maintenance through regular visits with us and good oral hygiene is crucial. You can address gum disease, protect your teeth, and maintain a healthy smile by seeking appropriate treatment.


Dental implant therapy is a procedure for replacing missing teeth. It involves surgically placing the titanium implant(s) into the jawbone, allowing them to fuse and provide a stable foundation. Custom-made replacement teeth or prosthetics are then attached to the implants, restoring your smile and improving your ability to chew. Dental implants require careful evaluation and should be performed by a skilled dental professional.

Root Canal
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Crown Lengthening Crown lengthening is a dental procedure that removes excess gum tissue to expose more of the tooth's surface. It is done to improve the gum-to-tooth ratio or provide enough tooth structure for a dental restoration. The procedure involves numbing the area, removing excess gum tissue, and possibly contouring the bone. It helps enhance the appearance of the smile and the success of dental restorations.

Frenectomy A frenectomy is a simple surgical procedure to remove or modify a small fold of tissue in the mouth called a frenum. It is done to correct issues like tongue-tie, lip-tie, or gum recession. The procedure is quick, minimally invasive, and helps improve oral function and overall oral health.

Gum Grafting  Gum grafting is a dental procedure that addresses receding gums. When gums recede, the root surfaces of teeth become exposed, which can lead to tooth sensitivity, an increased risk of decay, and an undesirable appearance. Gum grafting can be performed on one or multiple teeth, depending on the extent of gum recession. It can be done using different techniques. Overall, gum grafting aims to enhance oral health and appearance by addressing gum recession. It reduces tooth sensitivity, prevents further gum recession, and improves the overall aesthetics of your smile.

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